Pre-recorded Business Education in times of Change - our Executive MBA

Take advantage of our major field of study, Leadership & Finance at Master Degree level and more, pre-recorded when it suits you on repeat.

This online education will give you important tools for your international Business skills as our MBA Online Education in times of change from an European perspective on an International Market. We also have a version with an outside Europe perspective. 

This online education will update your skills to:

- Prioritize and Delegate
- Deliver excellence under high pressure
- Create a thriving culture with your team
- Update your skills as a business leader
- Act more strategically on an uncertain
- Fine tune or create your Brand to attract an international market

In depth about Leadership, Leadership is about group psychology and how to motivate to behavior to reach decided goals, and more. 

A pre-recorded MBA for your adventures


In September 2020 we graduated as Certified CFO - through the Swedish Association of Authorized Auditors - where we brushed up the our entire field of science within Business. We also went through High Performance Coaching Summer 2020. We brushed up our Marketing skills in 2014 & particularly Branding 2020. And we also have a Master Degree within Business with a Major in Leadership & Finance from 2003 as a foundation to what we teach (not old at all since many theories take decades to be implemented into slow adaptive corporations) + 25 years work experience working as a business consultant to back it up with & more. We know what it takes to run a Business through Change.

MBA Education - Business through Change