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How to run Business Successfully

Pre-recorded episodes for you to watch many times so you get out the most of this very important education.

This online education will help you to:

- Prioritize and Delegate
- Deliver excellence under high pressure
- Create a thriving culture with your team
- Update your skills as a business leader
- Act more strategically on an uncertain
- Fine tune or create your Brand to attract an international market

Get the updated Business Map right here

We like the expression, that you have to be clear on the map before you enter the woods. True. And the market have really changed during 2020 so an update on business strategies is a good idea. 

We have the Business maps and tools to motivate and encourage you on your journey.

These tools will help you if you feel stuck in your business ideas, either as part time projects or full-time projects. You will feel empowered for the adventure and responsibility of business.

This is what educations is about - giving you new perspectives and stimulate your creativity to get ahead. 

This online education will give you important tools for your international Business skills within:  
Finance, Leadership, Marketing and some international taxes and VAT 

Do you find this interesting and want to update your skills within business to the 2020's decade, fill in your information in the complete my purchase - section.

More details about this education on our website:

This online education have pre-recorded episodes. You can of course contact us and ask questions and we will get back to you. 

Why study a long education when you can take a short one through us right here. Take advantage of our major field of study, Leadership & Finance at master degree level, online when it suits you on repeat.

Swedish VAT is included in the price with 599 EUR (25% in VAT of the net amount) Reversed charges for VAT within European companies is of course applicable and an invoice is created for that. Our email is: [email protected] 

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Stripe is an American technology company operating in over 34 countries that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems. 

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This online education is for both experienced business leaders, within your own company or someone else company, or if you are new as a business leader. Depending on your background you will benefit differently of course. The possibility to watch many times will help you a lot to develop your leadership skills. 



“We’ve spent the last 9 years helping over 25,000 business owners to create and sustain a successful business online. So successful in fact, that Kajabi safely have transfered business transactions to a value of 1 billion dollars on our online platform to date!" - Kajabi Online Course Platform 2020”

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